MyPharmAssist 2.0 Webinar 7 of 9- The Role of Pharmacists in Nutrition Management

Proper Nutrition is key to a healthy Ramadan, and Pharmacists play an essential role in advising and counseling patients about the importance of nutrients to a healthy and balanced diet. This Webinar will provide learnings on nutrition management that can help pharmacists support their patients' nutrition and health during this time.

Event Date : 29-Mar-22

Start Time : 9 PM UAE-Oman / 8 PM Kuwait- Qatar- Bahrain- Lebanon- Jordan

Duration : 2 hours

Presenters Name's :

Dr. Andy Bahnassi- RPh. Ph.D. / PhD in Clinical PharmacyDr. Farah Naja- Associate Professor in Nutritional Epidemiology

Please click here to download your CME hours if you attended the webinar live

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